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3 Steps to your Trading-Bot 

Broker Access


Create an account with one of the brokers that supports the ProRealTime connectivity.

(I recommend IG-Europe)


Bot selection


Get your personal trading bot from the Traderherz Shop.

 You will receive the bots after finishing the purchase process by email.


Activation in


Import the bot files into ProRealTime and run a backtest on the recommended charts.

Then activate the trading strategy for automated trading.

Broker access: In the following step-by-step video you will find instructions for the broker registration ( and the instructions for activating the ProRealTime trading software.

ProRealTime Setup: Before we can start the trading systems, we have to adjust some settings in ProRealTime. Check out the video below to get the correct setup.

Trading bot activation: After you have received the trading systems, we have to import the files into ProRealTime and activate the trading system. Take a look at the following video.

I wish you success!

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