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Hello, my name is Sebastian and Traderherz is the project of my trading activity online. Traderherz is a transparent and steadily growing trading community.

Traderherz offers fully tested automated trading systems for online trading with CFDs. The content on this website mainly relates to automated trading for leverage products and providers in the CFD market. The focus is on algorithmic trading in the style of short-term day trading. 


Through the experience of the last 5 years in the daily trading of leverage products, a holistic understanding of trading strategies and systems has matured. In practice, there is seldom the ideal entry into the market, so my trading strategies are a combination of chart analysis, efficient risk management, consideration of the do's and don'ts of trading, patience and, above all, discipline.

I am convinced of the opportunities offered by the financial markets and I am constantly working to make my trading strategies more successful. Due to the high time intensity and attention that trading requires, I started programming automatic trading systems. The trading bots from Traderherz were created from this continuous learning process.

The offer from Traderherz

I am trying to provide access to the trading bots being free of charge for interested visitors. More on this in the description of the bots or after contacting us directly. It is possible that Traderherz offers information or product references on this website that originate from third parties. Traderherz is not responsible for the content and correctness of this information or product references. It is also possible that Traderherz receives a fee for placing this information.

Traderherz does not conduct any transactions for or on behalf of investors, and the content of this website is not to be understood as financial advice. The decision for automated trading should not be made before consulting a professional (financial) party.

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